The Blonds

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Another model  wiggled into a waist to toe body cast of stones and sequins,how she got into and out of was quite the mystery.  “The theme was “Psycho Beach Party” but there was not a thing in this collection that I’d recommend wearing to the beach.”

Think fabulous drag queen mermaids. It was the Blonds’ signature gem-encrusted, blinged-out bustiers and bodysuits, heavy on the tongue-in-cheek quirk.

There were pieces covered in shells, stars, lipstick prints (and giant lipstick appliques) but the best moment came after the lights went down midway through the show.

The Jaws theme played, the lights came up, and out walked a piece adorned with a huge bejeweled shark jaw, complete with teeth.  –

Above:  Mia Moretti and Adam Lambert.

Above:  Amanda Lepore.

Paris Hilton helped move the mad crazy wild mood to a much higher level than necessary but it was all in fun and GAMES, right?

Looking Good Paris!  Try these for shoes!!!


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  1. Sheri says:

    Paris Hilton is still making the rounds I see.