HOW CAN HE BE SO HEARTLESS? Kanye West Drops an F-Bomb on Louis Vuitton!

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Kanye West is often criticized for what he says but perhaps we can learn even more from what he does not. Mr. West was conspicuously absent from his favorite designers famous front row this past Thursday.

Normally this would not be a big deal given Kanye’s work schedule but this was  “Martin Louis The King’s”   Louis Vuitton’s show. After attending over 20 runway shows for “fashion research” Kanye not having the time for this particular show was glaring. Then we managed to see the actual show and read some of the reviews and we got a very clear point of view on this situation. Mr. Jacobs described the show as “a little Marie Antoinette.” Well we described the show a little Moulin Rouge and that’s not a good thing. The thinking behind these extremely feminine clothes was lighthearted, and possibly just light on concept and execution. I mean there were a ton of accessories that people are going to buy no matter the economic climate but when you think about it this is exactly what’s wrong with the collection. As the New York Times pointed out so eloquently “few designers are willing to admit that the expectations of fashion are changing, or to honestly question the future for luxury goods if the appetite largely invented over the last decade with calculated marketing more than innovative design-no longer exists.”

If we can’t expect fashion designer like Marc Jacobs to put innovation in his clothing and make that his priority then why should we write another review that just pushes the marketing scheme further along and cause people to lust for things they really don’t need. This is what makes Alexander McQueen the absolute winner this season because he showed  us the absurdity of the race to build empires in fashion. Like his well constructed pile of outdated fashion junk McQueen created a stage to symbolize the sudden crash of luxury exuberance.


McQeen told the New York Time that “this whole situation is such a cliche the turnover of fashion is just so quick and so throwaway, and I think that is a big part of the problem.  There is no longevity.

Now could Kanye West have implied all of these nuanced and well thought out observations with just his absence? Could he really be this in tune to the current state of fashion?

Could Kanye be dropping F  Bombs like this????  Genius is a wonderful thing is it not?

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2 Responses to “HOW CAN HE BE SO HEARTLESS? Kanye West Drops an F-Bomb on Louis Vuitton!”

  1. SoLastSeason says:

    You give Mr. West way too much credit. I know you would love to believe that Kanye is making some sort of statement through his absence but it is no more than the media giving celebrities more undue credit. I mean come on, does Kanye care about the rain forests because he prefers the new “green” Macbook? Is he supporting small business when he wears a Dee and Ricky overpriced LEGO pin? Is he instantly cooler because he says he listens to Portishead instead of the obligatory Coldplay? (who?) Yeah, Apple’s daddy. So, not to draw any traffic away from your fine blog but let’s go over to Kanye’s blog and see if he makes any bold statement before we go about putting any intelligent or profound statements in his mouth for him. Kanye has shown that he is never afraid to speak up for himself. Oh, and his Louis Vuitton sneakers look like the Simmons girls’ Pastries, and the Nike Air Yeezy’s? C’mon man.

  2. LOVE KANYE says:

    All Hail King Kanye.