Hennessey Presents: The PAPER Magazine 7th Annual NIGHTLIFE AWARDS 2011

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Featuring a hot live performance by COVER GIRL MARY J. BLIGE and hosted by WENDY WILLIAMS, I ”shudder to think!” I have been to all seven!!  Seven is a lucky number,right and believe me I could do no wrong – for a change I had no trouble with people screaming at me “What’s the matter, aren’t I famous enough  to take MY photo.?” There was not even one drink spilled or splashed on my head.  I was in the right place and my camera didn’t jam and the flash worked  and Mary J looking better than ever moved as I moved somehow I kept having deja vu … was this 2008, or 2006 even some of the faces were luckily frozen in time!.  So imagine how shocked I was when outside I jumped in a cab, one of the first to leave the event when lickety split so did some half pint degenerate who said ”Take me home with you!!”  Funny?  No, scary.

Pictured below:  Super stylish hottie Becka Diamond, then Swizz Beatz, Andre Balazs, Klaus Biesenbach then host Wendy Williams.




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2 Responses to “Hennessey Presents: The PAPER Magazine 7th Annual NIGHTLIFE AWARDS 2011”

  1. patty perfect says:

    omg these pix are supracool

  2. banananana says:

    who won?